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CFE FINANCE provides an efficient way to channel financial resources to the real economy and support the growth of local SMEs

Giuseppe Leppi

Structured Finance

Thanks to our local partners in Italy, CFE (UK) Ltd has developed a specialized platform for the origination and servicing of receivables towards the Italian Public Administration, a market which in the year 2018 amounted to Euro 121 billion.

We have a vast experience specifically in the market of receivables originated from small and medium size enterprises that work with the Italian PA and have a widespread presence in the area thanks to a long-standing and deeply-rooted commercial network.

We structure and arrange tailor made strategies – typically in the form of notes issued by securitization vehicles regulated by the Bank of Italy under Law 130/99 – according to the investment objectives and guidelines of the single investor.

The management team has structured securitizations in excess of Euro 1.5 billion in the last decade.

Prior to any portfolio purchase, origination and risk analysis activities are carried out by reputable regulated intermediaries:

The origination activities are as follows:

  • Selection of the eligible Sellers.

  • KYC procedures on the Sellers.

  • Due Diligence on the Credit and Reputational Risk of the Seller.

  • Maintain an information network on the territory.

  • Report redaction for each Seller for the potential inclusion in the financing procedure.

  • Risk analysis and an accurate due diligence on the receivable, on the debtor, and on the seller of the receivable is performed.