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Emerging Markets – London

CFE FINANCE provides trading, execution and advisory services in global emerging markets and high yield bonds, equities and loans

Giuseppe Leppi

Emerging Markets

The London-based fixed income trading desk offers extensive expertise and insights across Sovereign and Corporate Emerging Markets (CIS, MENA, SSA & Latam), Periphery Europe and Distressed/Special Situation opportunities.

The team provides trading & execution services for its wider client base and counterparties alongside advisory services for its asset management arm, which includes investment funds such for which it has a portfolio management mandate. The team also provides regular market updates and advisory.

Services for Emerging Markets:

  • We provide deep knowledge and expertise across global Emerging Markets and High yield bonds.

  • Our objective is to achieve better understanding of client needs and offer investment solutions.

  • Our established trading partnerships and commitment to clients’ needs allow us to provide excellent services and whilst applying a best execution policy.